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 Awareness and Acupuncture

Over many years I have been a practicing acupuncturist, I have been consulted by countless people who continue to be unhappy despite years of effort to gain inner peace, body ease, and a sense of meaning.

They are distressed because there seems to be a gap between what they know, their beliefs and inspirations and the way they actually behave or react in their daily life, their work and their relationships.

After years of listening to and observing patients, I have written four books (see below) which present a stepping-stone to making INNER PEACE, EASE and AWARENESS part of daily routine.

These books and free download brochures do not offer cures or miracles, nor are there exercises, or techniques to gain enlightenment or better health. There is nothing to join, nothing to do, nothing to attain.

The books are not based on religious teachings, nor eastern or western thought. There is no distinction between religions, or between you and me.

What they do explain is that, basically within you, there is nothing broken or missing. There is nothing to repair, nothing you need to get. It just is a simple matter of being aware.

Maybe the titles of the books below will draw you to have a look at the brochures which covers the content of each book.....

It Just Is
The art of attentiveness and its relationship to your daily activities, bringing about a natural end to distracting thoughts and conditioned patterns of behaviour



The Illusion of Change and The Meaning of Acceptance



You're Okay just the way you are


The Lightness of Life Without Thinking

A thought-burdened brain generates emotions, feelings and physical disease.


Meditation for Children

Bring a meditative quality to daily activities using music, dancing and focusing. How to create an environment that is fun, has movement and ends in deep quietness.